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Ken Wilber

Chief Philosopher

Voted most popular in the four different high schools he attended as a youth, Ken has always been well-liked. Sought as ally and confidant by the first set of otherwise feuding in-laws, Ken has always been a natural negotiator. And, finally, authoring Spectrum of Consciousness at age twenty-three, we figure Ken has always been smart.

Well-liked, a natural negotiator, and super smart; that’s just the beginning of why we’re so pleased to have Ken Wilber on our team. The rest of it has to do with the fact that he created our business model and authored twenty-five books that have been translated into over thirty languages.

Recently, while sleeping, Ken taught a monkey how to write Shakespeare. We suspect his next act will be ascending to heaven in a chariot of fire only to return as a guest on Oprah.  But, really, it’s so difficult to tell.


Clint Fuhs

The Machine

Clint has always been the best at everything. He was the sort of child that at eleven months was asking his friends in unbroken English if they could spell their own names yet. Motivation hasn’t been a problem for him either. Since he encountered Integral theory over ten years ago, he’s seen the unparalleled importance and potential of bringing this work to as many people as possible. So what happens when the guy who is the best at everything he does decides it's his mission in life to deliver a pristine tour of the world’s most inclusive framework, in service of all beings?  If you’ve taken a look around the site, you might have some idea.

One sunny afternoon last summer the Core Integral team was enjoying themselves on a rooftop patio when gale force winds started up out of nowhere. Each member of the team managed to find something to hold on to, except Clint who was swept off the roof and landed two stories below on a prominent Denver boulevard.  “Clint!,” everyone yelled when the winds died down, noticing that he wasn’t on the roof.  “I’m okay,” he called up from below.  But when we peered over the rail our suspicions were confirmed.  Clint was okay, putting himself back together one mechanical piece at a time.  “That man,” a bystander commented nonchalantly, “is a machine.”


Nicole Fegley

el Corazón

Nicole was discovered one day lying supine in a vast crater. She awoke from a deep yet restless sleep to find herself in a magical kingdom, with a shaved head and a valiant (if faltering) young lad named Tristan. 

Through many adventures, across jagged and unyielding territory, she eventually came to live happily ever after with the boy named Tristan, until the two of them ascended into the Milky Way, there to live until Nicole got bored, plunging back to earth several hundred years later, this time intent on aiding the success of Integral projects everywhere.

Nicole brings heart to everything she takes part in. But the journey she's been on, though vast and stimulating, carries the flavor of in medias res, as if she were on her way to a new project, one she really wanted. Maybe she found it? We’d like to think so.

Oh, and thank God she grew her hair back - if not, y'all might start spreading rumors about us.


Ali Akalin

Theoretical Gangster

Looking at his photo, you may not notice that Ali’s head is shaped the same as Ken’s. But, compare and contrast enough, and you’ll be astonished to see the pate-similarities between these two gentlemen. Coincidence? We think not! Cloned by a top-secret US government lab in the faraway land of Turkey, Ali was brought into the world being on fed a pabulum of Danish strawberries and AQAL, first in the crop of illicit KW clones.

Wanting the Ken-copies to be kept secret until they reached maturity, the government lab prepared for every contingency. But they did not prepare for Ali, who slipped past them at an early age, making his way around the world and finally ending up in Denver, where he has resided ignorant of his real identity…until now! Naturally, and in keeping with his birthright, Ali developed a massive proficiency in Integral theory. We are delighted to use him as a ruthless resource to apply to all of our intellectual property.

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