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June 2010

The Feel of the Real

Say you were to have an ecstatic experience of a sexual nature: soft candle light, gentle music, your partner by your side, the presence of Spirit slowly undressing… ah… you get the picture. Consider any experience where a radical openness is present with some type of lower drive. Would you call these transrational or prerational?

Love and Evolution

In preparation for this year's Integral Spiritual Experience conference on The Future of Love, Ken offered us some of his own thoughts on the topic—but in order to uncover love's future, Ken decided to explore love's past.

n fact, he looks all the way back to the Big Bang, retracing love's role throughout the history of evolution. Rather than just a mere human emotion, love is cast as a central driving force in the Kosmos—the force of Eros itself, pushing all of us along our inevitable return to Spirit.

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