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August 2010

Clint Speaks to Integral Chicks

Integral Chicks - a new podcast and website created by Kelly Sosan Bearer and Core Integral's very own, Nicole Fegley - just launched their second episode featuring an interview with Clint Fuhs, Core Integral's founder. Here is a blurb from the Integral Chicks site:

Take the 30-Day Challenge

That's right - buy a course and have the chance to get the next course for free! We've got to be crazy, right? Well, thanks to a generous corporate sponsor - who's really serious about supporting the integral community - the cost of these free courses is covered. All we need now are folks who are just as serious about up-leveling their understanding of Integral theory and application. We'll reward the first 50 folks who join - and successfully complete - the 30 Day Challenge with a copy of Course Two when it's launched.


Here's how it works:

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