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Call with Advanced Integral Students

A few weeks back, Core Integral completed their second 6-week online course pilot, this time for Course 02: Advanced Integral. Once again, we had over 100 dedicated integral practitioners taking part in what was probably the most rigorous course on Integral theory and application ever offered. After 6 weeks of comprehensive coursework, readings, written assignments, and forum-based discourse, folk's education culminated in a chance to ask Ken their most pressing and still lingering questions. Most recordings featuring Ken don't have him discussing his work with advanced students, so, as you've heard, there's a tendency to cover the basics. Not here! Ken picks up right where these students left off, making this call a rare opportunity to hear him engage aspects of his work which he rarely touches on outside of his writing.

After the call, Ken commented that these were some of the best and most difficult questions he'd received in quite some time. So, instead of his standard prefatory remarks, he dove right in and addressed the following:.

  • Question 1: "Could you describe how you use Vision Logic, Illumined Mind, Intuitive Mind, Overmind and Supermind in your day to day life, what does the experience of each look and feel like? And what did the move to each higher cognitive structure involve, how did you make the moves?"
  • Question 2: "In engaging the last lesson on collective development, it seems we all been able to develop some ability to integrally evaluate societal issues, to be integrally informed, and integrally frustrated. In a number of the posts, there was a feel that we’re obligated to work toward raising the consciousness of our societies. Is this even possible? How do we go from being integrally informed to making an integral difference?"
  • Question 3: "While I appreciate that the topic of reincarnation and transmigration cannot be proven with certainty one way or the other, I am curious to know, in the event that it does exist, which data, qualities, traits, abilities and complexities transmigrate from incarnation to incarnation, and which data, qualities, traits, abilities and complexities are left behind and lost with the death of the body.

Our current Core Integral learning focuses on the development of the mind, and I am curious to learn how does the Soul evolve.

In Hebrew there are two words for soul: Nefesh, which is the incarnate soul, a term often used in ordinary Israeli Hebrew language interchangeably with “person” (“How many nefashot – souls- are we expecting for dinner?”); and Neshama, which refers to the higher, eternal, holy Soul of which only a part (Neshama,) incarnates; in ordinary Hebrew language, the word Neshama is often used as an endearment term. How does the Neshama evolve?"
  • Question 4: "Given the emergence of more people engaging with the AQAL matrix through authentic integral training such as Core Integral, what do you see as the next step in taking the Integral view into the wider community? What do you see as the traps and pitfall that need to be navigated so that we can ensure that we are allowing positive growth at each developmental altitude, whilst maintaining an Integral clearing. I am thinking here particularly about the UK and the move being undertaken at the moment to creating a more main stream approach to the development of an Integral culture."
  • Question 5: "I already asked attention for my question about autopoieses and social autopoieses in connection with human behavior, but I would very much love to hear Ken Wilber talk about this in way that I can really get my mind around it. The UR in connection with human behavior is still not totally alive for me, so I would be grateful to here more about this. Thank you."
  • Question 6: "Could we say that the meaning and intentionality that you give to Eros is equivalent to an evolutionary (non mythic) idea of God. Are there any differences ? Because the idea that I have of God is that overall evolutionary drive or impulse that enacts everything in permanent development."
  • Question 7: "I was wondering what you have to say about the relationship between average and advanced modes as you posited in the audio from Lesson 6. Do the advanced modes, i.e. growing tip state realizations eventually give rise to the average structure stages that form a stable cultural worldview? Is there a causal relationship there? A sort of trickle down from pioneers at the leading edge of state realization creating grooves that eventually become structure stages for whole segments of society?"

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