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Interactive Learning

Integral Theory. Minus the Books. We say this not because we are against reading, but because we recognize that it's daunting to generate a cohesive understanding of the Integral approach from books alone, especially when there are so many available. So, we took everything written about Integral and put it all on the table. Then, together with Ken, we constructed an entirely new and learner-focused curriculum from the ground-up.  

The results? They speak for themselves. Three interactive courses that guide you through an Integral learning experience like you've never encountered. Theory, application, and awareness form the foundation of our approach, creating a rich experience to expand your knowledge of the Integral Approach.

And, if that's not enough, we'll also recognize you for successfully completing these courses, each building on the last and earning you credit towards future Integral certification, along with a few other unique benefits.  Learn more >

                                           One-on-One Mentoring

Not only was learning the Integral approach a daunting affair, but it used to be quite lonely as well. Carving a solitary path through the Integral Wilberness was never much fun or particularly effective. We've been aware of this issue for quite some time, and have addressed it directly by bringing together a truly stunning team of Integral mentors from over a dozen areas of specialization.   

This team includes the best in the business. Together they've been traversing the Integral path for many decades. They've studied directly with Ken. And they've taken Integral applications around the globe, from Peru to Russia. We've called them all back home, and they're here to work with you.

From the basics of Integral theory to the most advanced and practical Integral applications — wherever you need one-on-one guidance and support, we've got you covered. Learn more >

Group Training

Not up for one-on-one support, or just prefer to learn in groups?  If so, there's a little something for everyone at Core Integral. Our growing line-up of group training classes, utilizing the revolutionary Maestro Conference tools, set you up with an intimate team of fellow learners and guide you through interactive programs featuring exciting curricula.

Both affordable and accessible, group training at Core Integral leverages the power of collaborative learning—share in other's insights, learn from their mistakes, and get direct support when you encounter your own.  Set your Integral learning in a facilitated group context, and you'll be surprised at how much the Integral approach enlivens your life and work. Learn more >

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