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Integral Life

Integral Life works globally at the forefront of personal and social transformation using Integral philosophy, the 21st century’s first genuine world philosophy.  Offering private coaching, transformational media experiences, online community and major global events, Integral Life is the world’s largest "deep lifestyle" community and sits on the cutting-edge of cultural evolution.   

People who live integrally are animated by the pursuit of a deep purpose, knowledge and sophistication in their personal and professional lives.  They demonstrate a capacity for self-awareness, perspective-taking, a diversity of interests, and a commitment to lifelong development. Integral awareness allows people to expand and deepen the experience of every moment, to make sense of the world, to include everything they are while leaving nothing out, and to wake up to the unifying truths that lie at the core of all human experience.  Integral Life commits to helping its members live totally free in their immense diversity while embracing the full richness of the human experience in themselves and others.  In short, Integral Life community members are leaders committed to extraordinary living.

Integral Life is the sponsoring organization of Integral Institute, a non-profit academic think tank that offers advanced education in Integral Theory and publishes the acclaimed Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.




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