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June 2011

The Economics of Being Integral

A few weeks back, a truly global group of integral practitioners stopped by Ken's loft for a visit. These folks were taking part in Boulder Integral's Incubator intensive, a week-long workshop aimed to help folks bring to life their integral projects, and Ken was tasked with inspiring their visions. As the hour and a half long talk unfolded, it became increasingly clear that Ken wasn't merely speaking to the incubator participants—he was speaking to all practitioners of an Integral approach, to everyone who's faced the dignity and disaster of treading an integral path.

A Spirituality That Transforms: From Nonduality to Nipple Rings

Ken surprised us a few weeks back by bringing a copy of his book, One Taste, to our weekly loft session. His intent was to read a few selections from this year-long collection of journal entries, which has been variously described as "the first invitation into the living room of one of the most intriguing spiritual theorists on the planet" and as featuring "a thinly veiled general tone of self-aggrandizement."

The Integralist's Guide to Understanding Art

Think of a piece of art that you are particularly struck by. It doesn't matter what it is. It could be a painting, a piece of music, a film, or any other expression of beauty that you find yourself impressed with or inspired by. Visualize the piece in your mind's eye—or, if you like, open a new tab in your web browser and Google it, so it's right in front of you..

As you admire your preferred object of beauty, ask yourself a simple question: how can I tell what this means? How do you answer?

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