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February 2012

Now Hiring Interns and Instructional Designer

Core Integral is seeking applications for one Instructional designer and three interns to assist our small team of integral educationists in providing critical services and support to an expanding integrally-interested population.

From Stardust to Supermind - Question 4

Q4: The Future of Integral: Traps and Pitfalls

Question: "Given the emergence of more people engaging the AQAL matrix through authentic integral training such as Core Integral, what do you see as the next step in taking the Integral view into the wider community? What do you see as the traps and pitfalls that need to be navigated so we can ensure that we are allowing positive growth at each developmental altitude while maintaining an Integral clearing?"

Image: the HEXAQAL by James Post

From Stardust to Supermind - Question 3

Q3: Beyond the Mortal Coil: What Survives Death?

Question: "Assuming that reincarnation exists, what qualities are most likely to transmigrate from incarnation to incarnation? What qualities are left behind and lost with the death of the body? And what practices can we engage in to better prepare ourselves when our time inevitably comes?"

Image: Net of Being by Alex Grey


From Stardust to Supermind - Question 2

Q2: How Do We Bring Integral Into the World?

Question: "Considering the various problems that we all see around the world, how do we elevate people's consciousness and bring integral into the world in order to solve these problems? Now that we've got all this information, where do we go from here? How do we mesh each of our desires to make the world a better place, while honoring that everyone has the right to be where they are developmentally? How do we go from being integrally informed to making an integral difference?"


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