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Advanced Integral Course Details

Course Two Overview

You might be thinking: "Advanced Integral theory, why do I need that?" And to this we say, Advanced Integral is not merely about difficult topics; rather, it's about up-leveling the sophistication with which you understand and apply the entire Integral approach. Once again, you'll be taken on a tour through important aspects of several AQAL elements, and once again we'll employ the learning path approach that guides you through learning and activities in a manner that suits you best.

As for course content, Advanced Integral is not just about advanced Integral topics. Sure, we'll cover that as well, but our aim here is to nuance your understanding in some exciting ways: Your knowledge of quadrants will shift from four domains to eight perspectives; your understanding of levels will get an injection of the latest research; and development will leave the confines of the Upper-left quadrant, extending into the development of societies and cultures. And these are merely highlights of the territory we'll traverse. Continue on below to see what Advanced Integral has in store for your learning.



Download Free Lesson Three Trial

If you want to check out Advanced Integral for yourself, click this image to download a free, fully-functional 2 hour trial of Lesson Three from Advanced Integral. This lesson is on the Eight Zones - a perfect complement to the Essential Integral free trial on Quadrants.


Essential Integral is divided into eight engaging lessons, each of which offers learning paths in understanding, awareness, and application. Content highlights from each lesson are below:

Lesson One: Introduction
  • Integral Methodological Pluralism
  • 3 Principles: Nonexclusion, Enactment, Enfoldment
  • Second Simplicity
  • Learning Objective and Course Introduction

Lesson Two: Holons

  • Individual and Social Holons
  • Twenty Tenets
  • Tenet Injunctions

Lesson Three: Zones

  • Eight Zones and primordial perspectives
  • Interior/exterior, inside/outside, internal/external
  • Zones analysis

Lesson Four: Methods (pt 1)
  • Phenomenology
  • Structuralism
  • Hermenuetics
  • Enthnomethodology
Lesson Four: Methods (pt. 2)
  • Empiricism
  • Autopoiesis
  • Systems Theory
  • Social Autopoiesis
  • Methods Analysis

Lesson Five: Individual Development

  • Models and metrics
  • Growth to goodness assumptions
  • Six line stage-by-stage walkthrough
  • Spectrum of subtle energy

Lesson Six: Collective Development

  • Cultural development
  • Social development
  • social revolution and transformation
  • structures and lines in groups

Lesson Seven: Conclusion

  • Overview of Course
  • The practice of AQAL
  • Interactive AQAL Review


What's Included

System Requirements

  •  Physical Plus Download Version: One USB Flash Drive, 8 downloadable software installers, and a Quick Start Guide
  •  Download-Only Version: 8 software installers - one per lesson
  •  Over 30 hours of interactive learning and activities
  •  Interactive integral review module that puts  every element of the theory at your fingertips
  •  Access to the Level One Completion Test and the opportunity to earn credit toward certification (see below)
  •  Physical Course requires Mac or PC with USB 2.0 port or powered USB 2.0 hub
  •  Mac requires OSX 10.4 or higher (physical and download)
  •  PC required XP (SP3), Vista, or Windows 7 (physical and download)
  •  Modern internet browser - Firefox 4, Safari 5 (or Safari 4 for OSX 10.4) or Chrome. Internet Explorer not reliably compatible
  •  Free Adobe Flash Player 10.2 browser plug-in
  •  512MB RAM and 1GHz Intel, PowerPC, or AMD processor. (1.5GHz or faster recommended)
  •  Course must be played through an internet browser on your computer
  •  Course does not play on TV (w/o computer) or on iPad, iPod, or Apple TV (flash is not supported on these Apple devices)

Recognized Course Completion

It's safe to say that at this point in time only a handful of self-taught individuals are proficient in the advanced aspects of Integral theory. By taking Course 02: Advanced Integral, you'll be ushered into those ranks. The sophistication and complexity with which you'll understand the Integral approach will be truly remarkable and deeply actionable - and you'll be recognized for that achievement.

Test Features

Test Benefits

  • Online delivery with instant, real-time scoring
  • You can take the test as many times as you need
  • You can use the course for support
  • Includes engaging application questions that stretch your knowledge
  • Created and backed by Ken Wilber
  • Earn the right to display the Level Two Completion Emblem
  • Free Premium listing at (Coming Soon)
  • Fulfill prerequisite requirements (credit) for entrance into the Core Integral Practitioner Certification Program (details to be announced in mid 2011)
  • The confidence in knowing that your knowledge of the Integral Approach is comprehensive and accurate

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