Important Information About Payment Plans


Please take a few minutes to review these important points regarding Core Integral Payment Plans.  If you have any questions regarding either what is said (or not said) here, or if you should enroll in a payment plan, please get in touch with us at before completing your purchase. 

  • Number of Payments: Payment plans are available for all of our course products, but there is a different payment structure for each: Course 01: Essential Integral (full payment, 3 payments, or 4 payments), Course 02: Advanced Integral  (full payment, 3 payments, or 4 payments), Course 01 and 02 Bundles (full payment, 5 payments, or 6 payments). We are unable to alter this structure. 
  • Payment Amounts: You'll notice that the sum of all payments is a bit higher than retail price. This small increase in cost covers fees assocaited with setting up a payment plan with our card processor. Basically, we pays fees for up to 6 transactions as compared to just 1 transaction for a non-payment plan purchase.
  • For Courses Only: Payment plans are only available for e-learning (physical and/or download) and audiobook courses only. We are unable to extend payment plans for support program options. One exception is for the Online Course with Individual Mentoring options -- if you'd like a payment plan for this option, please email us to arrange it.
  • Payment Frequency: Your first payment will be charged to your card at the time of order completion. Subsequent payments will be automatically charged to you card every 30 days until payments are complete, at which time payment will cease.

  • Payment Interruption: If a payment is declined, or is unable to be completed for any other reasons, your download access will be temporarily suspended. We will contact you via email and/or phone to resolve the issue.

  • Course Access: If you order a physical plus download version of a course, your physical course will ship within two business days, and you'll have immediate access to all course lesson downloads. If you order a download-only version, you'll have immediate access to course downloads. Payment plans do not affect course access.

  • Returns/Cancellations: If you elect to pay via a payment plan, we are unable to cancel that payment plan prior to the second payment (30 days after you complete your order) if you have opened your physical course or downloaded more than the first two lessons.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us before your second payment to discuss cancellations and refunds.  If you have ordered a physical course, we can only stop payments after receiving proof that the unopened physical course has been shipped to us at the address we supply.

  • Subject to Change:  Core Integral reserves the right to change or update these payment plans terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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