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Zak Stein

He's not particularly fond of it, but we like to call Zak, "Ken Wilber, Plan B." Meaning, if the Integral vision doesn't come to fruition in this lifetime, Zak's got us covered. He's also got covered your desire to do philosophy like it ought to be done - sizzling with passion and eminently useful; enough, in fact, to radically transform your relationship to life, love, and...well, everything. Don't believe us? Give Zak a shot. You'll find out that we're right.

Mentoring with Zak

Purchase Sessions in One Hour Increments
Price: $165.00

Katie Heikkinen

Katie went to preschool at Harvard. She graduated first in her class and taught the other children about Integral, secretly, during nap time. Despite her counter-cultural tendencies, Harvard welcomed her back for undergraduate and graduate work, where she's currently completing her Doctorate. She's a deep and critical thinker whose capacity to guide your learning is matched only by her compassionate and caring approach.

Mentoring with Katie

Purchase Sessions in One Hour Increments
Price: $135.00

Juan Pablo Rico

Juan is the type of guy you fall in love with immediately, and also the type you'll let translate your Core Integral course into Spanish. He's on a mission to expand the reach of the Integral vision and is an indispensable part of our team, ready to service the needs of Spanish speaking integrals from around the world. In his off-time, he's bringing Integral Life Practice to Mexico City, revolutionizing approaches to organizational development, and helping to stave off climate change.

Mentoring with Juan

Purchase Sessions in One Hour Increments
Price: $135.00

Jordan Luftig

Jordan used to captain the Emory basketball team, holding his own against future NBA players and even landing a few slam dunks. Since giving up the NBA prospects of his former life, Jordan's focused his jumping ability on making the momentous leap of meaning, landing him squarely in the realm of Integral teaching and coaching. Whether it's about post-metaphysics or adult development, learning with Jordan is a trip into your heart of hearts.

Mentoring with Jordan

Purchase Sessions in One Hour Increments
Price: $185.00

Gail Hochachka

The Integral approach is often described as a world philosophy. We suggest that this is, to a large degree, because of Gail. Her knowledge of Integral is vast, but her experience with practical application is truly global. If you've ever wondered how the Integral approach can transform the world, work with Gail - she'll make sure to show you the ropes.

Mentoring with Gail

Purchase Sessions in One Hour Increments
Price: $175.00

David Zeitler

David learned the importance of an Integral approach while in a locked 24-bed psychiatric ward. Not as a patient mind you; he was a clinician, whose experience yielded deep insight into the human mind. He's gone on to pen a weighty tome on Integral Psychotherapy. Learning with David is like getting trained by a sommelier ninja (he's also a Martial Arts master and knows a lot about wine) - a combination of grace, precision, and knowledge that you won't experience anywhere else.

Mentoring with David

Purchase Sessions in One Hour Increments
Price: $175.00

Clint Fuhs

Clint began teaching AQAL in the womb to his twin brother. And, while most of us were drinking bad beer in college, Clint, unwilling to squander his life, convinced school officials to let him teach a class on Integral Theory. And, so the journey began...and continues with Core Integral, which would not have been possible without one of the biggest and fiercest hearts in the Integral world. Here’s your opportunity to learn with the man who had the grand plan...Stan.

Mentoring with Clint

Purchase Sessions in One Hour Increments
Price: $225.00

Barrett Brown

From the backwoods of Vermont to the United Nations, Barrett represents a unique and stunning breed of Integral Pioneer. His depth of applied theoretical knowledge in the realms of integral sustainable, organizational, and leadership development is surpassed only by the immeasurable depth of his heart and presence.

Mentoring with Barrett

Purchase Sessions in One Hour Increments
Price: $295.00

Ali Akalin

Ali has an MA in counseling psychology but he left it behind to try his hand at being an independent Integral philosopher. Mix that with laser precision (and the fact that he was the primary author on the Course One completion test) and you've got the perfect mentor for anyone looking to be guided through the essential elements of the Integral approach. Oh, and if you saw his bio on the About page, Theoretical Gangster is our loving nickname; he's not really into organized far as we know.

Mentoring with Ali

Purchase Sessions in One Hour Increments
Price: $175.00

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